Divine Mercy Prayers

Divine Mercy Prayers

St Faustina's Diary, Divine Mercy In My Soul, contains a collection of her personal prayers and prayers taught by Jesus. Remembering that a number of these prayers were given to St Faustina, let us ask St Faustina to join us as we say these prayers and to pray for us and for our needs - not as we want but according to God's Divine Will.

As only a few of her personal prayers are on this website, it would be worthwhile to obtain a Divine Mercy Message and Devotion Prayer Booklet, and most especially her Diary, as a source of inspiration.

Prayers taught by Jesus

  • The Chaplet of Divine Mercy and Novena
  • Prayer for Conversion
  • Hour of Great Mercy

      A selection of St Faustina's prayers

      • The 3 O'clock Prayer
      • Prayer to the Holy Trinity
      • Prayer To Be Merciful
      • Prayer for Healing
      • Thanksgiving Prayer
      • Prayer to Our Lady
      • Prayer for Sinners
      Prayers Jesus taught St FaustinaPrayers Jesus taught St FaustinaDivine Mercy Chaplet, the Divine Mercy Novena, and Conversion Prayer, "O blood and water..." 33 times for the Holy Father are prayers Jesus taught St Faustina written in her Diary, Divine Mercy in My Soul.
      St Faustina's PrayersSt Faustina's PrayersSt Faustina's Divine Mercy prayers in her diary are the 3 o'clock prayer, prayer to be merciful, prayer for healing, happy death, Thanksgiving Prayer, Praises to The Divine Mercy, Prayer to Mother Mary, the Holy Trinity, suffering prayers and Prayer for Sinners.
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