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Divine Mercy Chaplet and Novena leaflets, Message and Devotion leaflets, Heaven Hell and Purgatory leaflets, Vatican Grants Plenary Indulgence leaflets, Divine Mercy Sunday leaflets and more Catholic leaflets are available for you.
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Divine Mercy Chaplet & Novena Leaflet (SKU: L-CN)Divine Mercy Chaplet & Novena Leaflet (SKU: L-CN)Start your Divine Mercy devotion and apostolate through this very popular 10-page leaflet. This excellent resource has all the prayers of the 9-day Novena to The Divine Mercy which Jesus himself taught St Faustina, and the Chaplet prayers. Distribute this leaflet together with the Divine Mercy Message & Devotion leaflet to help spread the Divine Mercy message and devotion.
Divine Mercy Message & Devotion Leaflet (SKU: L-DM)Divine Mercy Message & Devotion Leaflet (SKU: L-DM)A Divine Mercy message and devotion leaflet with the Divine Mercy story, Jesus' messages and Chaplet prayers. A very popular 10-page leaflet that talks about all aspects of the Divine Mercy Devotion.
Divine Mercy Sunday - Guidelines and Reflections (SKU: L-DMSGR)Divine Mercy Sunday - Guidelines and Reflections (SKU: L-DMSGR)A wonderful leaflet that explains the Decree issued on the 5th of May 2000, proclaiming the Second Sunday of Easter as Divine Mercy Sunday, as well as the importance of celebrating and participating in the Feast.
Divine Mercy Sunday Leaflet (SKU: L-DMS)Divine Mercy Sunday Leaflet (SKU: L-DMS)A great leaflet to have and to give away if you want to start your Divine Mercy Apostolate because it explains the importance of the Feast of Mercy or Divine Mercy Sunday. This leaflet can also be given to your parish priest if you plan to celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday.
Heaven, Hell & Purgatory leaflet (SKU: L-HHP)Heaven, Hell & Purgatory leaflet (SKU: L-HHP)This Divine Mercy leaflet provides a good insight into life after death as St Faustina reveals her spiritual encounters with Heaven, Hell and Purgatory - amazing stories of conversion after reading this leaflet.
Pray The Rosary Daily Leaflet (SKU: L-PRD)Pray The Rosary Daily Leaflet (SKU: L-PRD)A great leaflet to have and to give away if you want to teach someone how to pray the Holy Rosary, or simply to reflect on each Mystery of the Holy Rosary.
Vatican Grants Plenary Indulgence (SKU: L-PIDM)Vatican Grants Plenary Indulgence (SKU: L-PIDM)A truly informative guide to help you understand the Decree issued on the 5th of May 2000 granting Plenary Indulgence to the faithful who celebrate the Feast of The Divine Mercy, or Divine Mercy Sunday.
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