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A Divine Mercy Apostolate

This Divine Mercy Apostolate in Australia endeavours to spread
The Divine Mercy Message around the world.

We created
 trustandmercy.com to help you understand the urgency of The Divine Mercy Message and how important it is to venerate The Divine Mercy Image; pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet and Novena; celebrate the Feast of Mercy; observe the Hour of Great Mercy; and pray the Prayer of Conversion dictated by Jesus, The Divine Mercy to St Maria Faustina.

St Faustina wrote a diary about private visions and revelations she received from Jesus; Jesus' personal messages; His desires and promises; personal visits and messages from our Blessed Mother Mary; insights into Mysteries of the Catholic Faith; visits to Heaven, Hell and Purgatory; encounters with Angels and the spiritual world; plus more.

Jesus' revelations centred on God's Divine Mercy. Although a number of these were messages specifically for St Faustina, she was also asked by Jesus to tell the whole world about His Mercy. Hence, the Diary, with Jesus' words in bold italics.

In order to impart the Divine Mercy Message and preserve the integrity of this holy Message we have quoted directly from the official translation of her diary, Divine Mercy In My Soul, with permission from the Congregation of Marians of the Immaculate Conception.  

Reading Jesus' Messages in the Diary particularly in trying times is quite comforting. Oftentimes when my Peace is disturbed, I close my eyes, hold the Diary in one hand and ask Our Lord to speak to me. I then randomly break the Diary open and read His soothing words or St Faustina's inspiring thoughts. This action helps me preserve my inner peace as I'm encouraged to place my trials in Jesus' hands and trust that He will fix them according to His Will. It's this 100% Trust, not 99.9%, that does the trick.

We encourage you to make St Faustina's Diary one of your spiritual reference materials. You will find certain complex Catholic doctrine made simple for our comprehension through St Faustina's insights and Jesus' revelations. Most of all, you will be assured that we do have a very personal God. Oh, did I say He speaks in whispers, too?

Whilst the Catholic Doctrine on God's Divine Mercy is based on Holy Scripture, Divine Mercy In My Soul is the source of the Devotion to The Divine Mercy, as Jesus instructs St Faustina on how His Devotion is to be observed, focusing on The Divine Mercy Image, the Feast of Mercy, the Divine Mercy Chaplet and Novena, the Hour of Great Mercy and deeds of mercy.

You will also read about how Jesus personally formed St Faustina, who so wanted to be a Saint, teaching her virtues like Humility, Simplicity and Obedience; total abandonment to God's Will; and most importantly that Divine Mercy is His own Work. He explicitly stated"Be at peace, My daughter. This Work of mercy is Mine; there is nothing of you in it..." (Diary 1667)

You can use this website as a tool to start a Divine Mercy Apostolate anywhere you are in the world, remembering always that we are mere instruments of Jesus' Work of Mercy. Having experienced what it's like to spread the Divine Mercy devotion, we have shared with you 
Our Story and ideas on how to start a Divine Mercy Apostolate as well as how we spread The Divine Mercy Message & Devotion in our own little way. 

Click on side navigation links and on mauve-coloured text that take you to pages or information that will help you learn more about the Divine Mercy Message and Devotion, Jesus' personal messages and powerful prayers taught by Jesus, Himself.

In all honesty (
not being computer savvy) we need your help to spread Jesus' Divine Mercy Message and Devotion - please share whatever touched you on this website through appropriate Social Media - ensuring always that the INTEGRITY of Jesus' Holy Messages are preserved.

Help Our Lord Jesus with His Work of Mercy. Thank you so much and God bless you!

Through this website we hope, as instruments of God's Divine Mercy, you will share:
St Faustina attempts to help us understand God's immeasurable and inexhaustible Love for us manifested in His Divine Mercy as she depicts each encounter with Our Lord Jesus and Mother Mary in her diary until her death on October 5, 1938.

Albeit a Mystery, you will be able to gain insight into God's greatest Divine attribute, His Mercy, by reading Divine Mercy In My Soul, Dives In Misericordia - the Encyclical Letter of Saint John Paul II, our Great Mercy Pope and passages from the Holy BibleJesus instructed St Faustina:

"Proclaim that mercy is the greatest attribute of God. All the works of My hands are crowned with mercy." (Diary 301)

Trust in Jesus, The Divine Mercy!

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